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His licence was endorsed with the six penalty points

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Replica Hermes Bags Have a professor or counselor you can go to when you just need a hug and to have a meltdown. The hurt doesn’t really stop, but you will get used to the pain. Best of luck to you in all your future endeavors.. He pleaded guilty to driving a vehicle in Swadlincote Road, Woodville, on December 3, otherwise than in accordance with a licence; without due care and attention and without insurance.Lin Chen has been fined a total of 225 and ordered to pay 85 court costs and a 30 victim surcharge.His licence was endorsed with the six penalty points.Here are the latest drivers to appear in court Dean Cook, 52, of Springfield Road, Etwall, admitted driving a vehicle in Grove Street, Swadlincote, on December 19, while over the cannabis drug drive limit.He has been fined 162 and ordered to pay 200 court costs and a 30 victim surcharge. He was banned from driving for 12 months.Daniel Ford, 29, of Hartshorne Road, Woodville, has been found guilty of using a Mitsubishi in Stoneydale Close, Newhall, on December 2, without insurance.He has been fined 660 and ordered to pay 85 court costs and a 66 victim surcharge.He was banned from driving for nine months due to repeat offending and his driving licence was endorsed with eight points.Read MoreCrime news from and South DerbyshireJason Croft, 28, of Hill Street, Swadlincote, admitted driving a Vauxhall Combo in High Street, Newhall, on November 10, with 94 microgrammes of alcohol on 100 millilitres of breath. The legal limit is 35 microgrammes.He has been made the subject of a 12 month community order and ordered to pay 85 court costs and a 85 victim surcharge.He was banned from driving for 24 months.Connor Cannon, 23, of Swans Rest, Newhall, admitted driving a Ford Transit in Swadlincote, on February 24, with 157 milligrammes of alcohol on 100 millilitres of blood. Replica Hermes Bags

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