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I lost 3 tanks and destroyed virtually everything

This isn the first or only time that this type of thing has happened, nor is it the only route it happens on.Yesterday I watched a bus stop in front of the TC on Douglas as Not in Service, sit there for a minute with his doors open, then close his doors, pull away and only then turn on his 4 sign, leaving a bunch of students looking at each other in confusion.Back when I took the 30/31, it was basically unusable. Each scheduled stop time seemed to have a variance of +/ 30 minutes, which meant waits of over an hour sometimes. You could walk into town by the time the bus would arrive.And all this is compounded by the fact that there seems to be no communication between your drivers and your admins, and so your website and text messaging service only regurgitate the pre published scheduled times, which makes them 0% accurate and 100% useless.If it was caused by traffic on the trip coming the other way, then they had ample time to put out an alert and update their useless messaging system to say “hey, we are ridiculously behind right now, make other plans if you have somewhere to be”.To only have one bus come along in 40 minutes (that encompassed 3 scheduled times) on a route that is supposed to have one every 15 minutes with literally 0 notifications or alerts is pathetic.

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