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Their main goal is to be the center of attention

That goes to Brad, CT, Davonne, Robin, Tony and whoever else has come on these challenges with a child.It hasn’t negatively changed my opinion of him at all.Having been in bands in the same era as the alleged incident, he and I are similarly aged. I know what girls were like back then, and it’s hilarious to me to hear how many people are burning him at the stake today for shit that was absolutely common back then. Especially the younger fans that have no idea what it was like being in a pop punk/emo band 20 years ago.I’ll say the same thing I did on Twitter when the news first broke for all you super offended fans that can’t bring yourself to listen to them or wear their stuff anymore DM Me, I’ll give you my PO Box and you can send all that dirty, sullied merch right to me.You think JL is a bad dude, google Mick Jagger.

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