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In June, he teased a new version of Dutch DJ Sam Feldt’s

The Luttrell Psalter is a beautiful example of how important the seasons’ changes were to everyday life. This 14th century medieval manuscript is painstakingly illustrated with people and wildlife, documenting life throughout the year on a country estate. Its many illustrations show crows stealing grain from behind a seed sower’s back, corn being cut and wild boar eating acorns..

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canada goose outlet eu Renner is a man of many interests, other than his family, and he pursues them all with an almost baffling level of earnestness. In June, he teased a new version of Dutch DJ Sam Feldt’s “Heaven (Don’t Have a Name),” which, as several people noted on Twitter, it most definitely does. But then he and his band appear in a smaller, whimsical, child filled venue, where “Thor: Ragnarok” director Taika Waititi (?!) appears in a hot dog suit. canada goose outlet eu

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