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At 11:47 19th Oct 2011, shirl wrote: Looking forward to the

This story about love, its origin and traits, is fascinating. I especially enjoy the tale of the shepherd Hermaphroditus and beautiful Salmacis, who, after drinking the nectar distilled from the love apples, develop such an intense passion, violent a desire, they embrace and melt into each other, becoming one. This new being is neither male nor female but a composite, a blending of both.

canada goose We also do documentary pieces for the local wildlife trust. I had my head down looking for the lid to my flask i had lost in the grass with an ear open for the stags i didnt see him pull up next to me, he greated me with a shout of “you is up early bey” we got chatting and he showed me his recording device of stag calls, with his infectuse enthusiasum for the rut ever present it wasnt long before he was gone and i had forgoten all about the lost lid to my flask and i to was on the stalk for my next encounter with a stag. At 11:47 19th Oct 2011, shirl wrote: Looking forward to the programme now. canada goose

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canada goose uk shop But few treatments, so far, have been proven effective by science.Medical licensing colleges have a mandate to protect the public, Caulfield said. Given that doctors appear to be the most common of unproven stem cell therapies, it not the colleges obligation to stop doctors from misrepresenting the science, then whose responsibility is it, Caulfield asked.The public could help by reporting adverse events to the colleges and Health Canada, submitting official complaints to the Competition Bureau about hard sell, unproven marketing claims, or by contacting their MP or MLA to demand action on spurious claims, he said.The issue is broader than just stem cell therapies. Microbiome therapy, personalized precision medicine lot of these things are moving into the clinic faster than the science would suggest is a good idea, Caulfield said.have to figure out how to regulate these emerging therapies in an effective manner canada goose uk shop.