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So the relationship between inflation and unemployment now

That info is but a click away on a computer or cellphone. Yup, the go to location for background material in our brave new ether world is Wikipedia, now the fifth most popular website on the planet according to well Wikipedia page on its list of most popular websites. The Wikipedia website, assembled and edited by unpaid volunteers, records monthly page views in the billions..

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canada goose outlet Most economists aren’t yet predicting a recession, but they’re drifting in that direction. Lewis Alexander of Nomura Securities International expects the economy’s growth to slow to less than 2percent but not to enter recessionary territory. Joel Prakken of IHS Markit says its models put the odds of recession within a year at 1 in 3.. canada goose outlet

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canada goose outlet toronto factory But the relationship between unemployment and inflation is not dead it’s just hard to see. When we look at the data, we are not seeing how inflation and unemployment move in response to market forces; instead, we are seeing the Fed actively trying to keep inflation near its 2percent target. So the relationship between inflation and unemployment now reflects the Fed either undershooting or overshooting its target rate. canada goose outlet toronto factory

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