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Jay Dhillon, who launched his own recruitment firm Fasttrack at the age of just 24, has found worldwide success as a business mentor/podcaster and will be hosting an event at Pride Park Stadium on Friday, May 10.A massive Rams fan, Jay sold Fasttrack in 2013 and has since helped other entrepreneurs across a range of sectors start, grow and sell their businesses.His hugely successful podcast The Business Mentor Podcast reached number one in the iTunes Business chart 12 months ago and has subscribers in more than 52 countries.The 40 year old works with charity the Prince’s Trust, where he has helped dozens of young people to succeed in business, including Derby magician Luca Gallone; a finalist on Britain’s Got Talent.”I get a great satisfaction from working with raw talent,” said Jay, who has been working with the Prince’s Trust for six years and recently visited his former school Pear Tree Community Junior School to deliver a motivational speech.”More and more people are setting up their own businesses. They leave their jobs with bounds of enthusiasm but little knowledge and, sadly, a huge percentage of those businesses fail within the first five years.”I want to share my wealth of knowledge with people; for me, a successful business mentor is someone who has been there and experienced the highs and lows.”In 2008, when the recession hit my recruitment business, I suffered; I had never been in a recession before. I was taught strategies by my own business mentor and told to keep going, to ride the wave and, within nine months, my business was thriving again.”Then, in 2013 when I was just 33 years old I sold Fasttrack to an investment company based in London.”I used to give both my children, Tara and Katrina, pocket money,” said Jay, “but I thought that a better way of teaching them the value of money was to encourage them to make their own.”Tara began by selling CDs and making a small profit.

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