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Strategy at this point MIKE PENCE: their economy MARGARET

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replica bags from china free shipping But Iran should not Iran should not confuse American restraint with a lack of American resolve. This President’s made it clear we are going to protect American forces in the region. Strategy at this point MIKE PENCE: their economy MARGARET BRENNAN: is to continue to strangle Iran’s economy and it’s it’s devastated its economy, but MIKE PENCE: Well, it has, but it here’s the thing MARGARET BRENNAN: the bigger question is what is the strategy? Because it only seems like Iran’s lashing out MIKE PENCE: But, Margaret MARGARET BRENNAN: the region is more unstable MIKE PENCE: Margaret MARGARET BRENNAN: they are struggling here MIKE PENCE: Look, the American people deserve to know MARGARET BRENNAN: so, what is the next step here?MIKE PENCE: The American people deserve to know Congress, on a bipartisan basis, enacted sanctions. replica bags from china free shipping

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