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But she observed that state government had not set any policy

Habitat for Humanity Trenton Area will have a table on Times Square, the area in front of the ballpark, where fans can drop off notebooks, paper, pencils, markers and other school supplies that will be put to use by the children who use HFH’s East Trenton Learning Center. To date, Habitat for Humanity has built more than 87 homes in the Trenton area and is currently working towards rehabilitating housing on the 500 block of N. Clinton Ave of the East Trenton revitalization area..

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replica bags in uk “Mom, Dad, I found this in your room,” opens Penn Badgley, who plays bookish “Lonely Boy” Dan Humphrey on the show, holding up a “Drill, Baby, Drill” hat.”Just because other people are doing it, doesn’t make it cool,” says another and not famous youngster in the spot, warning against the effects of peer pressure.”Voting Republican even once could have disastrous effects that last for years,” adds another.”You’re not only risking your future, you’re risking mine,” a third says in a guilt trip.”And if you’re ever out somewhere and you’re considering voting McCain, just call me, and I’ll come pick you up, no questions asked,” concludes Blake Lively, who stars as chill bad girl Serena van der Woodsen in “Gossip Girl,” where her character routinely is called to come to the aid of friends in the middle of the night.The ad, which points viewers to the “Partnership for a McCain Free White House” site, will air during upcoming broadcasts of the show on CW, and during local cable ad breaks on MTV and Comedy Central in North Carolina and Nevada.It’s a tiny ad buy, considering the less than stellar TV ratings for “Gossip Girl” and the low price of local cable ad time, but the spot seems destined for wide play on the Internet, where “Gossip Girl” has become an iTunes must download for many and anything featuring its actors has a devoted and built in audience.The spot also drives home a message that Barack Obama’s campaign has pushed in recent days: that young people are best positioned to talk to their parents out of voting for McCain. “Are you sure if your parents are voting for Obama?” asks the Obama site devoted to this push. “If not, you may be the only person who can convince them replica bags in uk.